Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Training Week 2

Hello there,

It has been an awesome week. I have been able to see first hand how quickly Elder Saunders is able to pick up the language. He's made so much improvement since day one its awesome! I feel like I know him a lot better now too. He is quite a clever guy. we've had tons of fun finding and teaching. I have to do a little translation every so often so that he will know what is going on. Its fun here! I love missionary work! 

Monday we went to go fix Elder Saunders' bike and there was a ton of things busted on it. But we got it all fixed up for a decent price. Then we went back to work and gave an investigator to the sisters. Then we went and visited an active member family with the senior couple who went home this week. We helped translate for them and they encouraged all the girls to go on missions and then gave them 20 dollars each to get started saving!

Tuesday brought district meeting and I taught about the gift f the Holy Ghost. I ended up studying personal study before all about it and learned a lot about the Holy Spirit of promise and then discussing said spirit a lot in District Meeting. My district is way cool. I love them. We all stay in the same house and have a way good time. That night we were able to meet Sarith and Srey Touch and re-teach the principles of Tithing, fasting, and paying offerings.They loved it. Totally great people. Oh and their baby is super happy all the time and likes to climb on my leg and pee on me. Did I mention before that she did that? Well this was the second time. Shame on me. I am extra careful every time I go over there now so that she won't pee on me anymore. 

Wednesday we went and taught a contact from a couple weeks ago for the second time. His name is Vany. He is way Christian and loves everything we say and is extremely grateful for us coming over to teach him. We gave another couple investigators over to the sisters, it is so nice to have sisters. They take all our women investigators that are super hard to teach because we need male member help to teach them and that can be hard at some hours of the day. So YAY sisters! Then we had English class at 6 as usual and we had really good retention from last week! We also had Sarith and Srey Touch's interview with president Moon at the same time! That was way cool. 

Thursday we had an awesome weekly planning session and set some sweet goals that we're hoping to achieve. Next week we plan on getting another baptism! Its for sure really. He is awesome. His name is Duaen and he comes to church every week with a shirt and tie and even has a part way calling. He's basically a member already. he even helps us teach investigators near his house and last night he gave us a referral whom we will teach on Tuesday. We met Somnang, another investigator, at the church and taught him the glorious plan of salvation and he asked a lot of great questions. He was confused about Noah due to him watching a hollywood rendition of the flood and he asked questions about why Noah was so mean and not letting anyone else in the ark. We cleared that up though no worries. 

Friday we met a great investigator named Som own and he is a great guy who really wants to follow Christ but he cannot come to church because he has to take care of horses at his work and there is not enough staff to cover for him if he leaves. Its a bummer. We were also able to meet Ming Laay that night and share with her some commandments. She is a great and faithful soul who really likes to learn!

Saturday morning we met Seng Hot at the church with help from a return sister missionary. We taught him tithing and fasting and he accepted both principles! He also stopped drinking Coffee this week and let off on the alcohol quite a bit as well! We pushed back his baptismal date to the 25th so he could have more time to quit entirely. Later we met Meng Ty right before the ward Fireside. We taught half the plan of salvation and he was very receptive and wants to learn the rest of it soon as well but we ran out of time before the fireside. The Fireside was interesting. We sung some songs and I directed the group in learning "Onward Christian Soldiers" in Khmer. It was fun. Then we watched a video on service and performed a song as a district and sung "Truth distills upon our senses" then ate Khmer Curry and bread! It was way good. We finished the night by going finding and ran into someone we contacted a couple weeks ago whom we weren't able to get a return appointment with. We shared short message and prayed with him on his porch before we went home.

Sunday we had a great time at church and I was asked to direct the congregation for the closing song so we could again sing Onward Christian Soldiers. After sacrament meeting we were asked to give blessings to two different people. One of them was just someone who came by the church on her way to the hospital so she could have someone pray for her and a member suggested she get a blessing so they came and found me. They said they have been looking for a church for a while and they want to come to ours every week now. The stake president was present for our meetings and taught us during the third hour about being kind and using the tongue of angels and uplifting others and going out to rescue the lost sheep and how to do it. He is an inspired man. Following that we had the Baptism of Sarith and Srey Touch and President Moon even came! That was a gift. We finished the day by going to teach Sombor, our new investigator this week who is just awesome. After we taught him the first discussion he told asked us what time church was and what he needed to change and start doing in order to follow Jesus Christ and become a member. Yeah he's straight Golden. 

It was a marvelous week and I'm glad to be here. I love this work and I love my savior. He is my King and my friend and I will serve him to the end. That you may do so to is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Lyle R, Brewer

Some pics below

A maze that my comp drew in five minutes on the plane ride here.

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