Friday, June 5, 2015

Rairu (its how you say Lyle in Japanese) - from May 23, 2015

Good Evening loved ones,

Last Sunday we had a lot of people come to church. A record number for our ward since I've been here! It was a very spiritual sacrament meeting! The other classes were all really good too. I loved to be there and learn. We came back to church later in the day to meet with an awesome investigator and help her know a little about sacrament meeting. Her name is Borany. She can't go to church in the morning with us because she has work. But she is free at 3 and she can come to the ward that starts at that time. She always asks the best questions and she understands prayer and its importance. She was a referral from a member in California! Its way cool. She should be baptized on the 14th of June if all goes well. 

I've been working on the English Class program and how to improve and unify it across the board for the Cambodian Mission. I have been editing the English Class packet and creating a uniform test for all the students. We have a 24 week English program where we teach conversation skills and in order to receive a certificate you have to take a conversation test with one of the missionaries and demonstrate your ability to hold a basic conversation from the things we studied during the course. It's a good program and it helps students develop an interest in the gospel because we offer it for free and we share a gospel lesson at the end of each class. 

We had a couple guests this week at our house as a pair of missionaries came from the province of Kampong Thom to see a doctor. I guess the doctor wasn't feeling well or something. I don't know why everyone needs to go see the doctor all the time. He gets home taught more than anyone I know. So they stayed the night and we took them to the bus station the next day. Everyone is getting sick around here for some reason. 

It is way hot. The temperature yesterday was 37 degrees Celsius they say.And its looking like its gonna be that way all week. Not to mention its like 60% humidity all the time. I love it! Its the best! On Wednesday we went on Exchange with the Zone leaders of south Zone. We were in the Tuol Tom Pong area which is right by the south stake center. We got up and did Book of Mormon study before we went to the stake center and held English class signs and started doing this thing called planting seeds. Not real seeds. Planting seeds means anything that brightens someone else's day. Smiling, waving, or saying hello. Anything really that gives a positive vibe and spreads the love of Christ. It makes us feel way good when we think that positively. Everything we do is as a representative of Jesus Christ. I was with Elder Myers all that day. He was in the same house as me in Kean Svay when I first got to the country. He's way funny and a super solid missionary. It was fun to spend a day with him again. We taught one of his investigators at the church as well and we didn't have member help when suddenly the Elders Quorum president came by and we asked him to join us and he helped us teach a great lesson. Well he talked a whole bunch and it was almost like the Elders quorum president taught an investigator lesson with missionaries present. hahah But not really. Only kind of. It was a great day and a great exchange. 

On of the office Elders, Elder Morris, is half Japanese so I have been asking him to teach me some Japanese words so I can be Multi-Asian-Cultured. MAC. I just made that up. 

I love you all a million, I know our Savior lives. I'll follow Him to the end of time and beyond. Let us all be there together. 

-Elder Lyle Brewer

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