Friday, June 5, 2015

New Life

This letter came last Sunday. Sorry I'm so slow about getting it out, I have had computer trouble this week. Lyle also had trouble with his missionary email account this week. 

Hello family,

This week was insane. I'm now emailing on Monday again because I am no longer the Assistant to the President. I had a mid-week transfer on Friday so that the new Assistant can do Zone Conferences and be trained for when the new president comes at the end of June. So president told me on Wednesday that he wanted to do this. Now I have switched with Elder Nueberger and I'm in Stung Mean Chey 2nd ward. I am going to finish training his kid Elder Osborne for the next three weeks. Elder Osborne is way cool. He's so funny and chill and mega hard working. He knows the area really well which is good because I have never been here to SMC (stung mean chey). It means the successful river. Its really hot and really dusty because of the road work. I'm wearing sunscreen every day because I am all white and vampire-like from being in the office for almost four months. The ward here is way cool. More than a quarter of the ward is recent converts baptized within a year. The work here is going so well. Elder Nueberger held it up very well. Now I'm way out of the proselyting shape because in the office we worked only three hours a day and now I'm going all day long and getting tons of lessons! It is so fulfilling and exhausting. I love it! I'm finally training but only kind of. Elder Osborne is really training me. He knows Khmer super well already. I have to help him with a couple words but he is really impeccable. We already contacted two referrals and have two new investigators from the three days we were together. Seriously though we get along so well. He is just the cooliest bro ever. I think it might be because we have the same humor... also he likes to ding with me when I burst out into song.

So we started teaching this old man we contacted. He had a tracheotomy so in order to talk he had to press on his thing. We never actually saw it because he wore a scarf the whole time but we knew. He was a cool guy but I feel like right now he's only allowing us to come over because he literally can't go anywhere and he doesn't have anything else to do. We also taught a referral from the South SMC2 Elders. They just said there was a guy at the church from our area that really wants to learn. So we booked it over there and taught the first discussion. He was so attentive! He accepted a fourth of July baptismal date. We also went to stake conference on saturday night and sunday morning. It was way good. Elder Woo of the area seventy spoke. He's from Singapore. His interpreter on Saturday night totally failed. But Sunday was better. He spoke English so the Khmers needed translation. He talked about the 5 C's of the gospel that will make you rich spiritually and in Heaven. Christ, Covenants, Church, Callings, and Charity. If we put all these things first then we will be rich in heaven and we will receive blessings unmeasured from on high. At the SUnday conference a little 8 year old girl got up and gave a 3 minute talk. All memorized. It was the best talk I've ever heard a Cambodian give. So concise and clear. No tangents or anything. Elder Woo praised her on the stand when he got up to talk. It was a cool sight to see. Later that day we went over to a less active's home whose father isn't a member. When we showed up he was listening to a Youtube video teaching how to play a guitar song. I asked if he played and he said not so much. He asked if I played and I said not so much either but he brought his guitar over and had me play a couple jingles. He was like "wow you know music so well! You're better than me and all the other Elder's that served here before!" That's not really that hard to do. But then he played some way cool stuff for us and I video recorded a couple seconds. 

I know my Savior lives. Jesus Christ made it possible for us to apply our agency to repent and be forgiven and live again! Keep in the right way. Endure to the end. Love God and all men. The peace of God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Lyle R. Brewer

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